Pa state inspection rocker panels

My 96 Dodge Intrepid has pretty rusted rocker panel on one side. The plastic covers are fine, the metal beneath them are in tough shape. Someone suggested to me to look into replacement rocker panels that can be attached by an adhesive. He said he did this on his Chevy.

I took a quick look and could not find any for this car.

pa state inspection rocker panels

Does not mean they are not out there. I just did not find them. Does anyone out there know where to look? Another person suggested I make some sheet metal brackets and attached the plastic covers and that should suffice. Easier said than done. The only correct way I know of fixing rusted rocker panels is cut out the rusted metal, and weld in new metal. It is merely cosmetic and the covers will just help hold moisture in there. As tester said - the only way to deal with it is to cut it out and weld new in.

You have a unibody constructed vehicle and the crash tests for your car were conducted with one without rust. If you expect to make the car safe, the rust should be cut out and a new piece welded in.

If you have a rust hole in the rocker panel, it is doubtful you do not have rust elsewhere. The rust you see, is a small percent of what there is. Often, jacking points are around the rocker panels so your car may not even take a lift except by the wheels. We could give you all sorts advice on how to hide the hole, but the safe thing to do is take it to a body shop for an inspection. You should get no unsafe advice here. Folks who restore old classics have to handle this problem all the time.

pa state inspection rocker panels

Ask around, see if you can find somebody who restores old cars either for a living or on the side as a hobby. No cheap fix is possible. The rocker panels are a part of the structrual rigidity of the car.

If they are badly rusted, as you mentioned, this car is practically a goner. Where you see rust is only the beginning. There are going to be worse rust issues where you cannot see. And an 18 year old Intrepid is not a good candidate for extensive chassis repair. Time to cut it loose. If the OP takes a look at a place like Pep Boys, he just might find a fiberglass repair kit such as we used years ago.

A marvelous concoction of steel and computer enhanced geometry that is also compromised by rust holes. Steel box frames and unibody steel thickness is quite thin and nearly any rust works over time to compromise it. Nearly every structure is weakens by rust. Rust is a designed in characteristic that does not have to be but is actually encouraged in some instances by practices designed to keep the car inventory moving from one shinny piece of metal to another rusting hulk.If you live in PA, you are familiar with those two stickers on the bottom left corner on the windshield.

But it never seemed to happen that way for me. Cars have many sophisticated parts and sensors that manage and control how much gas your engine uses and how much junk comes out of your tailpipe! When something is wrong with these parts or sensor the check engine light will come on. Resetting the checking engine light after a repair takes some time and requires the car to be driven for at least 25 miles. The lightbulb will need to be replaced.

Check engine light repairs can be costly depending on the amount of diagnosis that is required and the part that needs to be replace.

So much goes into diagnosing check engine lights, so be patient and be prepared to pay not just for the repair but for the amount of time it took to figure out why you needed the repair. Your email address will not be published. If this light is on or not operating at all you will fail inspection. The check engine light illuminates because the car is burning fuel inefficiently. Either using too much gas or dumping too much pollutants out the exhaust.

Varies greatly based on reason for light. Wipers Must be operating and not torn. Mirrors Must have two of the following three mirrors and they cannot be cracked — Rearview, Passenger sideview, Driver sideview. Replace with new or used mirrors. Mirror with cool electrical effects like turn signals and defrost cost more money to replace.

rocker panel Question

Horn Horn must work. Price depends on issue. May require diagnostics. Windows Windows must go up and down. Normally a window motor or window regulator must be replaced.

May be jammed or extremely frayed. Depends on if bulb is blown or there is a deeper electrical issue that requires diag. Entire assembly must be replaced.Log in or Sign up. K5 Blazer Network. I just recieved a call from my mechanic about the inspection on my truck I actually was not really surprised because my rust bucket does still need some more work. Long story short The guy is a pretty decent mechanic, I use him for inspections because he is honest, nor does he overcahrge when things need to be done.

He told me that my Blazer was like every other of its age around here I just ordered a bunch of replacement panels but have not decided to order a new floor insert yet. I found one at US Body. Anyone else have had this problem? You failed inspection because of too much rust Florida does not even have inspections If rust was a failing condition, half the buckets in Key West would be condemned.

You would be amazed at what a little duct tape and undercoating can do. Mine is not rotted that bad but it had 2 spots I had to play with to make sure it would pass inspection. At least now I have untill Feb. As far as the new panels I would weld them on but pop rivits work fine. Just make sure to seal everything up good so it wont rust again. If you are doing cab supports those should be welded. I should clarify that Oh, that bad. Yup, I had to deal with the same thing last year.The U.

Chamber of Commerce shared its insight on the Paycheck Protection Program. Click here to learn more. Log in or Sign up. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year. Messages: Messages: 1, The body and paint guy I use and alot of the locak hot rod guys do as well did that exact repair to his own ecsb chevy.

Cut the rot off, clean it, give it a coat of primer or POR or whatever to keep the rust from staring over and then fill it with expanding foam insulation. Clean it up and paint it and leave it alone. Hopefully doing mine this weekend.

Messages: 2, FWIW, the rocker rot does not penetrate into the passenger cabin and at least in MA is not cause to fail inspection. Mine has been swiss cheese for years, but because its jsut the outer rocker panel, its just ugly. The ole foam and bondo trick will work just fine. It will be all rusted out again come spring of course, but it wont really make it any harder to cut out and replace.

Go for it, gotta have that new little blue sticker lol. BlizzardBeaterOct 22, Messages: 7, That's a very popular repair around these parts, ayuh Rocker panel. LOL just my 2 cents of of rusty rockers Why do it twice cheap when you can do it right once????

Just saying. What you want to do will work til you get the money from plowing. We used foam and bondo for temp. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?Before I explain why this is, first let me explain what the state inspection program involves. And so, being a normal, rational human being, I wait until approximately September 29 at 5 p.

So I call Big Jim, and he tells me to come on down in my aging Range Rover, which looks pretty rough on the outside but is in excellent mechanical shape because—as we all know— CarMax foots the bill for virtually everything that happens to it. Last time it was a Honda Insight, and the guy driving it was from North Dakota.

We discussed the cold, the remoteness, and of course bison. This happens every single yearwithout fail. Every single year. This is one major reason state inspection sucks. But people who have lived here a long time have a lot of connections.

Some Rocker Panel Damage

And number two: I used to live in Georgia, which had no state safety inspection, and you know what I discovered? They still have the same proportion of good cars, and the same proportion of mediocre cars, and the same proportion of crappy cars.

They just have more billboards with fetuses on them. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Beep beep, it's newsletter time. Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox.

Doug DeMuro. Filed to: state inspection. Open kinja-labs. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation PDOT has established a series of inspection requirements all motor vehicles must pass to be registered in that state. The points of inspection vary depending on the type of vehicle you own. Passenger cars and light duty trucks fall in the same category and have the same parts checked for potential problems.

The PDOT publishes detailed information about its mandatory inspections. The car's ball joint movement can't exceed the manufacturer's specifications, along with shock absorbers that do not leak. Their mounting bolts can't be broken and there has to be a stabilizer bar.

The steering gear box can't be loose on the frame and the steering cannot be constrained or limited. When you steer, the wheels should respond appropriately. The brakes' hydraulic hose, wheel cylinder and caliper shouldn't leak or show mechanical damage. The inspector will also check the size of the drum and disc thickness to verify they haven't been replaced with incorrect ones. In addition, your car will fail inspection if any of the tires has been fixed with a blow-up patch, has a bulge, a bump or separation.

You also need tires that are designated safe for highway use. Two tires that share the same axle, have to be the same size and type.

failed PA inspection....

The wheels can't be bent, cracked or welded and must have all their nuts and bolts. The inspector will also verify that your back wheels track the front wheels in a straight ahead position. Every lamp and switch in your car needs to turn on and off. Headlamps have to have a low beam and a high beam. In addition, you should have one red stop lamp on each side of the rear of your car. Other required lamps are: parking, tail, hazard warning, back up and turn signals.

The car also has to be equipped with a secure fastening system to hold the battery safely in place. A car's windshield and windows need safety glazing. Only government issued stickers can go on the lower left or right corner of the windshield.

There also must be at least one rear view mirror without any ornaments hanging from it. The defrosters and wipers have to be in working condition. Wipers should be able to remove both snow and water from the windshield surface and the car also has to be equipped with a windshield washer system.

All parts of your car's fuel system have to be leak proof and safely fastened to the vehicle. Your engine has to return to idle when you step off the accelerator pedal, along with the required cap for the gas tank.

pa state inspection rocker panels

Your speedometer has to be calibrated to show miles or kilometers per hour. Your car also needs an odometer that's calibrated to tell you how many miles you've driven.

The car's exhaust system shouldn't allow any gases to be released into the vehicle and should have a muffler that adequately suppresses excessive noise. While your car is required to have a horn in good operating condition, only emergency vehicles can have sirens.

Horns are for warning only and you may be fined if you misuse it. The following parts need to be present for your car to pass inspection: fenders, hood and hood latches, and doors that open and close securely. Your chassis also has to be in perfect condition without cracks, missing parts or any damage along with flooring and bumpers.I have a Chevy Lumina and it has holes on the passengers side under the car door which is probably called the rocker panel.

For a safety inspection it said I would need this rocker panel fixed but I wasn't told how much it would cost. The car hasmiles on it. What is the safety factor involved with a rocker panel that has rust holes? How expensive should this repair cost and would you keep the car if you were me? Ur rightthe rocker panel is under the doors, Look at ur other side ,there should be a plastic cover these days.

The rocker has not been used used for safety since sideboards went out in th 30's but the rust issue isa cancer that eats ur car. Rustoleum has a process that stops rust.

What is a car rocker panel and how can it be unsafe?

Back to the panel, Yearone. On a unit body vehicle, the rocker panel is an integral part of the overall structure of a vehicle's integrity. Depending on the extent of the rust damage, it could be a safety issue rather than just a cosmetic one.

Have a reputable body shop take a look at it and make your decision based on their recommendations and estimate to repair. Obviously, a 15 year old vehicle withmiles isn't going to warrant extensive and expensive body repairs - but if it's only skin deep, so to speak, it might well be worth a patch or two. You are correct as to the location of the rocker panel and it is a major part of the structural integrity of the unibody.

An overly simplified example would be a sheet of paper folded into an "L". The crease would be your rocker panel. Imagine if there were rust holes in this crease. It would be weaker and have difficulty staying straight when suspended by wheels on either end of the crease. Now crash a car into the side, right about where those holes are.

I'm sure you see the safety issue by now. It is really not an overly expensive fix, although your car really isn't worth it. This brings back memories of growing up in Northern Ohio. My first car at 16 was a 64 Olds F There was not a place on it that was not rusty.

I had a friend whose Father worked for the road department. We did many sheet metal repairs on that car with cut up old STOP signs and rivets. Just get some sheet metal and a bunch of flat rivets. You can repair that 3 inch hole so it has metal there.

How could they flunk you?


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