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Our server has the purpose to look as much as possible like the official servers, in their Pre-Renewal state, and we don't have the unbalancing custom items and NPCs that you can find in most private servers. Since we dislike many of the changes that were introduced by the Renewal system RO isn't a cute game anymore?! That can't be true! Since the official cloth colors and hairstyles are old and boring, we provide facilities to change every aspect of your character's style and colors!

Each character will come to life with its own skin color, just like in real life normal, pale, tan, dark. There will be barbers to change one's hairstyle or dye their hair, tailors to help with choosing cloth colors, and a wardrobe in which to keep all your favorite clothes.

All the dyes and cloth colors have been hand-picked by our staff, to make sure that they all fit well within the RO world. We offer a Stylist Service via the Control Panel to easily create styles and to apply them ingame. You can access this service via the Control Panel; simply select the Stylist tool. Skin colors will be randomly selected based on what hometown you select when creating a game account, for example: if you choose morroc as your hometown for a game account, that game account has a higher chance to generate dark skinned characters, while choosing Aldebaran will generate more pale skinned characters.

All hometowns can yield all four skin color variants, but the chances vary between towns based on the towns environment. Tired of typing your password every time you log into your RO account? Tired of looking up the usernames and passwords of your several Game Accounts?

So are we!

origin silkroad uniques

That's why we've introduced the Master Login System: You will only need one username and one password in order to log in to the game to all of your accountsto the forums and to the Control Panel.

The Game Launcher will let you decide whether you want to memorize your username, your password, or both, so that you won't have to type them anymore on your own computer! Furthermore, all the Game Accounts linked to your Master Account will have an additional Storage Master Storage shared between them: sharing gears and items between your own characters has never been this easy.

Worried about sharing your support priest with a friend, or sharing a brewer with your guild? We've thought of that already: you will be able to create a guest password to access one specific Game Account, without having to disclose your Master Account to anybody else. Just log in to the Control Panel, create a password or let it generate one for you and add an expiration date if wanted.

The people you'll share that password with will be able to access that specific Game Account, but nothing else from your Master Account. Click here to check the time schedule for next WoE, with timezone detailed info. This means that if you have troubles e. There are also some "Whisper" commands available.

They are as simple to use as to send a Personal Message to a specific nickname. This means that: You get 5 times the base Base exp.Silk Road 3. We utilize multiple crypto-curriences to enable secure, fast and safe transactions. You can use the URL link on our forums for reference or quickly ensuring you're always at the correct address.

Server Info

What curriences are supported? Funds that are added to any of the integrated wallets on your account are protected by an alternate password than your account log-in password, or PIN.

origin silkroad uniques

Funds that are sent directly to a unique pay address for an order, are protected by several layers of security and encryption. However if your account is compromized, your funds will be too. To ensure your account does not get compromized, read under the Account Security part below. Account Security We recommend that your password be at least 8 characters long, being a mix of multiple numbers, special characters and letters.

If you want to add another layer of security on your funds, you can also set your Pincode to be as long and difficult as a normal password. The ultimate security is having 2FA enabled on your account. You can find a guide to enabling 2FA on your account here. Single-word or commonly used phrases make very weak passwords, we suggest you use a password specific to this site and not the same password you would use for your email account.

Is there a 2FA log-in security feature? In fact, we force all vendors to have 2FA enabled and strongly recommend all buyers enable 2FA on their accounts too. Is my privacy and sensitive information safe? Sensitive information such as your address is put into the "Shipping Information" box when ordering and our system automatically uses the public PGP key of the vendor you're ordering from to encrypt that data and protect yor privacy. If you do not trust the auto-encryption then you are welcome to encrypt sensitive information yourself using the vendors' public PGP key and post the encrypted message in the "Comments" box at the point of ordering.

How do I change my password? You are required to enter the recovery key that was given to you upon registering your account. If you do not have your recovery key, you will not be able to change your password. You must be logged out of your account and navigate to the Recover panel, and follow the instructions on that page.

It is suggested that you make a copy of the recovery key in a text file, to be placed onto encrypted storage device. If you have 2FA enabled then it doesn't matter what your password is because nobody is getting into it without having access to your PGP key.

Only the person with the private key can access a 2FA-enabled account. How do I change my pincode? Why is my wallet balance not showing the correct balance?

Clicking on the button located on the blue [MyWallets] bar will show your current balances.Event Point details, You can earn the Event Points from these. This site is best viewed in a modern browser with JavaScript enabled. Something went wrong while trying to load the full version of this site. Try hard-refreshing this page to fix the error. Everyone can enter and try the great Battle Royale. How to enter the area, You can register the event from the Event So-ok.

What do we do there, Everyone starts on random locations. Starts as eu and ch 6 times in a day. Everyone starts equal at the beginning 1 Level and you should level up, make items etc. The best way to learn is to trying. Also you get 1 Event Point from each character you kill. Starts 3 times in a day. There are 2 kind of Survival Arena. You can participate with your own character.

What do we do there, Everyone starts on same locations and main purpose is to killing others as you know. You can earn maximum of 10 points from each activity. Starts 4 times in a day.

origin silkroad uniques

Only Battle Arena Random is available at the moment. How to enter the area, You can register the event from the Battle Arena Manager. What do we do there, Both 2 team's purpose is to achieve the highest score.

You can earn only 1 Battle Arena Point from the same person.


Battle Arena participation PC Limit is 1. What do we do there, Both 2 team's purpose is to capturing the flag. You can earn a maximum of 20 points per day in Capture the Flag event.The Silk Road Peace Project is a movement of prayer, racial reconciliation, and advocacy, seeking peaceful resolution to an unprecedented human rights crisis unfolding in NW China. It was established as a non-profit by a small group of concerned individuals with many years of experience in the region, as well as proficiency in the languages and cultures involved.

It is our conviction that the majority and minority cultures and laguages of this region each possess a unique glory which deserve the same respect and protection. Reliable sources indicate that up to 1. The entire province is under a high-tech form of martial law with a dense network of facial recognition cameras and police check-points. This combination of concentration camps plus high tech surveillance has created an Orwellian nightmare unprecedented in human history.

Eye-witness accounts indicate that brain-washing techniques, psychiatric drugs, torture, sexual abuse, malnutrition, and unsanitary conditions are rampant in the camps. A severe religious persecution is also underway, targeting both the large Muslim population as well as Christians and other smaller groups. In addition, extreme cultural repression is taking place province-wide including a ban on minority languages, ethnic dress, customs, and even decor.

The most informed and reliable news sources are using the term "cultural genocide" to describe what is taking place. However, in the last couple of years the Chinese government has abruptly changed course - from a policy of relative tolerance to one of extreme repression. While the new policy is being carried out under a pretext of "anti-extremism," the severity is completely out of proportion to any credible threat to national security.

Thousands of families have been split apart as fathers and mothers have been incarcerated leaving children behind in government-run orphanages many of which are just scaled down versions of the re-education camps. These families all citizens of China are not suffering because they broke the law. They are suffering because of their ethnic background.

Origin Online - NO BOTS - The Original Experience

There are many well-established organizations around the world focused on social justice. Likewise, there are also a number of organizations which focus on the importance of prayer.

Not many combine the two, especially with a focus on the remote but troubled XUAR. That's where Silk Road Peace Project comes in. We are convinced from a study of history, that action and prayer must go hand-in-hand for maximum effectiveness. Due to the sensitive nature of the issue we are seeking to address, we do not post names and addresses on this website. However, feel free to email us and we will send you a reply: Clck here for contact form. Silk Road Peace Project The Silk Road Peace Project is a movement of prayer, racial reconciliation, and advocacy, seeking peaceful resolution to an unprecedented human rights crisis unfolding in NW China.

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Features include free rebirths, starter pack, stable server with advanced security, bot free realms, high uptime plus the unique Item Forge, Click the banner for More Info. Welcome to Octopus Sro www.

origin silkroad uniques

Join US. DragonRoad Online is a new cap server with 15 degree. Solo rates: x, party exp rates: x, events, friendly staff.

After a great deal of time spent on utilizing the most perfect form of this game. Radium Online aims to bring you the most enjoyable playing For best experience while browsing servers on our top list, please Enable Javascript in your browser.

Silkroad Private Servers Search and find the best Silkroad private servers ranked by votes, version, type using our top list and vote for your favourite. Set New Password Login. Dark World Online Capreborn systemauto eventrank uniquesweekly evetnsfree silkvote for silknew avatarnew scrollfree to play.

Forgotten World

OctopusSro Welcome to Octopus Sro www.It contains various monsters and bosses, has additional quests and quest rewards and is the only place where talismen can be found. Forgotten World dungeons are instances, meaning each player will get his own personal dungeon. After obtainining a Dimension Hole, you need to visit any town in order to spawn it. This can be done by right-clicking the item in your inventory and then confirming the dialog.

A clickable teleporter which only you can see will spawn near you. By talking to it, you can teleport into the dungeon. You can also get teleported into a Forgotten World dungeon. This requires the party-leader to teleport into the dungeon by using a dimension hole himself.

All other players can if they have the right level be teleported into the same dungeon instance from the party master with the help of a Pillar of Party Member Recall. It is always possible to get teleported into the instance of another player. After spawning a Dimension Hole, you can not spawn another Dimension Hole within 3 hours. A timer of 2 hours will be started upon creation of the dungeon.

Within this time, the boss monster must be killed or else the dungeon will vanish resulting in you getting teleported back into your ressurrection place. When entering any dungeon, the re-entry time will begin which lasts for three hours and prevents you from entering other dungeons. The waiting time can be bypassed by using a Forgotten World re-entry ticket purchasable in the Item-Mall.

Dimension pillars will not despawn if you teleport into town, they will however despawn after 15 minutes if you don't teleport back into the dungeon. Grade 3 and 4 are only available above level 70, so any envies below level 71 will not yield any Dimension Holes higher than grade 2.

The damage and HP of unique-monsters do not change with the difficulty. After killing all previous monsters, an envy will spawn in the camp. Killing the envy will result in many monsters spawning in the camp at once. Camps contain normal monsters and mini-bosses. Clearing out some camps will make a 'Gap of Dimensions' spawn at the start of the dungeon. This is useful for players who have to re-enter the dungeon and want to move to distant camps without walking.

The boss camp is always the last camp of the dungeon. After clearing all previous areas, the boss-monster will spawn. This room contains monsters and a treasure box.

The treasure box doesn't need to be defeated in order to get to the next areas. Clearing out some camps will make a 'Gap of Dimensions' spawn. This is useful if players have to re-enter the dungeon and want to move to distant camps without moving. Each Forgotten World has various quests also varying from level for the player to finish.

There are different types of quests available.


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