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With all the nicknames floating around for the vagina — and the websites dedicated to hashing them out — we have to wonder if all the seemingly playful banter is doing us any good. A lot of the words used to speak of our lady parts are, frankly, a bit nasty. Terms like "panty hamster" and "beaver" need to be retired, as writer Naomi Wolf reminds us in her book Vagina: A New Biography. The vagina was once considered an incredibly sacred thing, the gateway between heaven and planet Earth.

Wolf writes of the Indian Tantric culture, from years ago, and the year-old Chinese Han dynasty; both believed our lady parts were life-giving, and if men ever wanted to reach balance and health in their lives, they had to learn how to properly handle that region of a woman's body. It was referred to as a "flowery pool" or "mysterious gate. Richard E.

ichthys emoji

Nisbett, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, says in his book The Geography of Thought that our brains neurally encode the perceptions that are offered to us by our surrounding culture; this means that if a woman continually hears of her vagina being compared to something unpleasant, her mind will shape itself around that idea. During the development of industrialized societies, our notion of the vagina has changed so much that we've lost a lot of the beautiful symbolism that was at the forefront of Eastern cultures.

It's not too late to adopt them, though — or at least know what they are so our vaginas can get a well-deserved self-esteem boost.

Here are seven ancient symbols of the vagina that will make you smile. I bet the majority of Christians out there don't realize that the fish used today to refer to Jesus, officially called the ichthysoriginally represented the vagina. It was an ancient symbol that pretty much showed up next to any fertility goddess, including Atargatis, the Syrian fertility goddess; Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sex, and the pagan Great Mother goddess.

It has been said that it was chosen as a symbol of Jesus because it was so commonly known and used, but there have been a lot of attempts to separate it from its vaginal roots — especially by Christian scholars, because heaven forbid Jesus is so closely connected to a vagina. I bet you'll never look at those little bumper stickers the same way.

ichthys emoji

How lovely it must have been to constantly have your genitals compared to such a gorgeous piece of nature. The Chinese Han and Ming dynasties especially alluded to this symbol when speaking of the heavenly vagina; the term "golden lotus" was used often in poetry and sacred Taoist texts such as Art of the Bedchamber.

It was said to be the core of a woman's potent yin essence, which keeps the universe in harmonious order. Physically and biologically speaking, the lotus is a fragrant flower, pink and plumpthat is known to beautifully blossom in spring, just when the time is right — sounds about right, doesn't it?

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It's also an Indian symbol of wisdom and vital energy; you may have seen pictures of it splayed across your yoga studio. Gives your practice a whole new meaning. This piece of sacred geometry is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, referring to the meeting of the pairing worlds: the sacred and earthly. In Italian, it's called a mandorlawhich is an almond shape found in many Renaissance paintings, holding the Virgin Mary, who represents the liminality between divine and worldly.

ichthys emoji

These days, the vesica piscis is spoken of briefly in geometry — and sometimes seen on someone as a cool tattoo — but most of us have never learned the deep significance of this shape, and how it is meant to celebrate the vagina as a gateway to heaven. The name of this delightful fruit comes from a Latin word " granatis ," which means seed of grain.


Greeks referred to the pomegranate as a gift of love that is continually inviting, and it symbolizes fertility, abundance, and the arrival of spring. While it's often used in works of art to allude to the beauty and exuberance of the vagina, it specifically is meant to represent the ovary and ova cells.

It's been linked in the Renaissance period to paintings of the Virgin Mary and her son, the ultimate gift to humankind. The juice that comes from the fruit is meant to represent blood — both menstrual blood and the blood of Christ — that is eternally giving. It's not uncommon to see it called the " blood of life. The first thing that probably comes to mind is how the snake tempted Eve in the Bible to eat a piece of fruit that was supposedly forbidden, but Wolf argues that this was one of the first times the serpent had been negatively portrayed in relation to females.To create this article, 18 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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You can also do a Google search of the degree symbol and copy-and-paste from there. Type a greater than sign followed by a less than sign. To reverse the direction of the fish, simply follow the steps above in reverse order. No, this would not work for giraffes.The symbol was adopted by early Christians as a secret symbol. It is now known colloquially as the " sign of the fish " or the " Jesus fish ".

The first appearances of the ichthys symbol in Christian art and literature date to the 2nd century AD. The symbol's use among Christians had become popular by the late 2nd century, and its use spread widely in the 3rd and 4th centuries. This suggestion is obviously spurious as the phrase has 26 letters, resulting from Augustine's ignorance of Greek.

The statement "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior" affirmed the belief of early Christians in the twofold natureof Jesus Christ being both fully human and fully divine.

A fourth century A. Egon Friedell speculates in his Cultural History of Antiquitythat the symbol of the fish may refer to the astrological age of pisces, which started at around the time of the establishment of Christianity. Thus, the symbol may have been used to symbolise the starting of a new age. Fish are mentioned and given symbolic meaning several times in the Gospels. Several of Jesus ' 12 Apostles were fishermen. He commissions them with the words " I will make you fishers of men ".

Mark 1: Having been resurrectedJesus is offered some grilled fish in Luke 24 At the feeding of the five thousanda boy is brought to Jesus with "five small loaves and two fish". The question is asked, "But what are they, among so many?

In Matthew 13the Parable of Drawing in the NetJesus compares the angels separating the righteous from the wicked at the end of this world to fishers sorting out their catch, keeping the good fish and throwing the bad fish away.

The Fish Symbol—Ichthus

In Matthew 17upon being asked if his Teacher pays the temple or two-drachma tax, Simon Peter answers yes. Christ tells Peter to go to the water and cast a line, saying that a coin sufficient for both of them will be found in the fish's mouth.

Peter does this and finds the coin. The fish is also used by Jesus to describe "the Sign of Jonah". Matthew 12 This is symbolic of Jesus's resurrection, upon which the entire Christian faith is based.

In the Deuterocanonical Book of Tobitby Raphael the Archangel 's order, the young cousin and future spouse of Sarah captures a fish while it tries to swallow his feet, washing in the river Tigris.

Then he is instructed how to offer it, in order to be saved from the daemon Asmodeus. According to tradition, ancient Christians, during their persecution by the Roman Empire in the first few centuries after Christ, used the fish symbol to mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes:. According to one ancient story, when a Christian met a stranger in the road, the Christian sometimes drew one arc of the simple fish outline in the dirt.

If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company. Current bumper-sticker and business-card uses of the fish hearken back to this practice.

There are several other hypotheses as to why the fish was chosen. Some sources indicate that the earliest literary references came from the recommendation of Clement of Alexandria to his readers Paedagogus, III, xi to engrave their seals with the dove or fish. However, it can be inferred from Roman monumental sources such as the Cappella Greca and the Sacrament Chapels of the catacomb of St.

Callistus that the fish symbol was known to Christians much earlier.By Tomasz Started 14 hours ago. By rainman Started Wednesday at PM. Inpex beat Shell to the finish line and announced it's started producing gas at the Ichthys LNG project.

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Flavors vary from…. A single ice skate used for ice skating. Shown in white and facing right on most platforms.

ichthys emoji

In the sport of figure skating, a white ice…. A mound of shaved ice snow cone served in a dessert bowl with a short spoon, flavored with a cherry-red syrup on many platforms. A swirl of soft-serve ice cream atop a wafer-style cone, white or cream-colored, as vanilla, on most platforms. A hockey stick and puck, used in the sport of ice hockey. Not to be confused with the field hockey stick and ball. The flag for Canary Islands, which may show as the letters IC on some platforms.

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7 Beautiful Historical Symbols For The Vagina

Positioned at various angles across platforms. The unique, feathery ice crystal of a snowflake. Depicted as a bluish-white snowflake with six, intricate, symmetrical branches. A swirl of brown poop, shaped like soft-serve ice cream with large, excited eyes and a big, friendly smile.

May be used to represent feces…. A short, flat glass, as used for brown liquors like whiskey or Scotch whisky. Apple and WhatsApp serve theirs neat, while other platforms…. A hockey stick and ball, used in the sport of field hockey. Not to be confused with the ice hockey stick and puck.Of all the symbols commonly used by early Christians, the fish was the most mystic. This stream of water sends forth the perennial stream of spirit, a stream containing a single fish, taken with the hook of Divinity, and sustaining the whole world with its flesh as though it were in the sea.

Tertullian c. Pedagogus 3. Most of these early 2nd century literary references to Jesus as Fish probably postdate the Christian practice of referring to Christ as Ichthus. The holy acrostic below was the original credo, the fundamental article of faith for the earliest Christians.

In the first three centuries of persecution, Christians used to identify each other by casually drawing the Ichthus, the fish in the dirt or sand.

If the other person responded, it was good. If they did not, it was just an idle doodle. Abecedaries were, and still are, rhymes or lists used to teach the alphabet to young children as in the English Alphabet Song. The letters obviously meant something then, but defy translation now. Symbols, allegories, acrostics, similes and metaphors are forms of poetic thought and must be caught rather than taught.

One of the things Augustine was saying is that Jesus, the mystical Big Fish, was in the waters, in the sea of human mortality, yet He did not succumb to sin as we do but remained alive, remained free from sin, remained clean.

The fish has the added advantage of its association with baptismal water as well as its Greek acrostic resonance. The early Christians caught it. And they comprehended that if Christians were fishers of men and, by induction, fishes, then Jesus who called them to be little fishes and fishermen would Himself be the Big Fish, the Ichthus.

And, amazingly, this simple symbol, composed of two slanted lines, is meaningful enough and powerful enough that it is still used by Christians two thousand years later.Filter by category: Select from list Sports Symbols Filter by group: Select from list They represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water. He is considered to be marri… Vesica piscis The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other.

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Help us out! Do you know the meaning and origin of fish? Don't keep it to yourself! Add it HERE. Graphical index Use our unique search feature to find a symbol based on its various graphical characteristics: Symmetry: Select one option It symbolizes the scientif…. Fish Fish. Fish Apple iOS Tropical Fish Apple iOS Starbucks Logo InValerie O'Neil, a Starbucks spokeswoman, said that the logo is an image of a "twin-tailed mermaid, or siren as she's known in Greek mythology".

The logo has been significantly streamlined ov…. He is considered to be marri…. Vesica piscis The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other.


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