997 spoiler

Monday-Friday: 8. Please wait…. Design - Porsche Specialist 0. Your basket is empty. Your Porsche. Porsche Parts Fast Finder.

Rear Spoilers / Aerofoil

Any Questions? Just give us a call - we're happy to help! Price match promise That's our guarantee. Refine by Car Type. Fits: Porsche MKI More information: To stop the standard spoiler mechanism light on the dash working you can take the vehicle to your local Porsche centre to have the pop up spoiler function de-coded.

997 spoiler

The brake light is NOT included with the duct tail to make it work you can harness part number or modify the existing harness if you already have a 3rd brake light in your spoiler or order part number You do not need to change the bumpers and lights if you just want the duct tail spoiler by it self This spoiler should be fitted like any other fibre glass material product professional prepared, pre-fitted before painting and then let it dry naturally.

Not recommend to bake fibre glass products. Product Vehicle Group.

997 spoiler

You will also need: Zoom In 2 Zoom In 2. Zoom In 2 Zoom In 2. Rear Lid Stop Buffer. The GT3 RS look rear spoiler complete with factory style side brackets. Two Separate Air Scoops. The top plane spoiler comes with deflecting straight side wing lets.NR Automobile offers the finest quality wings and spoilers manufactured in the USA that will give your the unique look you are seeking.

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997 spoiler

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Another offers shiny aftermarket parts for the internal hydraulic mechanism made out of stainless instead of brass. Nearly plug and play! No cutting, drilling or modification to any part of the car.

997 spoiler

Easy install — about the same skill level as changing brake pads. Easily maintained — no special tools needed. Stop spending time, effort and money on the troublesome factory system. Fix one item and there are several more parts that are degrading and will also fail. The motor driven rams are designed for harsh environments and are protected from external moisture with a dual-seal design.

If you used your car as a daily driver 5 days per week, and took 4 trips per day on a highway to cycle the rams 8 times, that equates to 2, cycles per year, or on average 0. In effect, there is a safety factor on an already conservative duty cycle.

Street or track, operation is exactly the same. We have a guideline to help you check, download HERE. For Turbos with a fixed wing e. GT3aftermarket back lid and integral wing or for a malfunctioning OEM hydaulic mechanism that still works. Another way to get your wing further up in the air! Screw the wing extenders onto the wing and tighten with the pin wrench, then screw the rams back onto the wing extenders with the pin wrench.

DIY simple. Illustrated step by step instructions included. Combine them to go even higher 1. Pin Wrench recommended — factory used a very aggressive thread locker! Automatically blips the throttle when downshifting gears on a manual transmission car.

Detailed instructions sent with purchase — fairly simple install.High quality parts in Urethane, Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at The aim was to meld perfect design with functional technology. This includes wind-tunnel proven aerodynamic styling, light alloy wheels, sport exhausts, performance enhancements and sport suspensions.

The interior program is extensive, ranging from brushed aluminum trim, factory matched carbon trim and various stainless aluminum and leather accessories. Type I rear wing made from PU integral foam. Fits onto OEM Engine cover. Comes ready to paint. Vivid Racing is an authorized TechArt distributor and can handle all of your Porsche needs.

Comes with integrated air intakes and stop light. Replaces OE rear spoiler on engine hood. Made from kevlar composites.

This Wing is for Coupes without rear wiper. This Wing is for Coupes with rear wiper. This Wing is for Cabrio models. Optional rear wing for Widebody Conversion. Includes third brake light. Does NOT include third brake light.

Note: product shown with brake light, actual product does not include brake light. Rear spoiler wing, fits to standard rear spoiler base and improves aerodynamics. Larger wing retains vertical hydraulic movement.

Rear spoiler unit with adjustable deck lid and integrated air intakes. Includes engine cover and adjustable wing. Ships ready to paint. Vivid Racing is an authorized TechArt distributor and can handle all of your Porsche needs Coupe Models only. Techart Rear Spoiler II with integrated air intakes and separate wing profile.

For advanced aerodynamics in combination with front spoiler Type I. TechArt rear spoiler improves aerodynamics and mounts on standard rear lid. Working closely together, the team designs, builds prototypes and tests the parts in the wind tunnel until each item is approved for road-legal use and launched for the worldwide market. Every component is manufactured from select materials to exacting quality norms.

Please enter vehicle info and color choice in the box beAll sales are final. No returns. Prepaid by check. Superb fit and quality on this version of the first AeroKit tailbase. A 1-piece tailbase with removable top wing. An insert version of the elegant and very popular Aerocab wing. Perfect for coups or cabriolets. Simple installation. Remove the top electric wing section and replace with the Aerocab wing.

Does not require resetting the computer to recognize the fixed wing. An insert version of the popular GT2 tailbase. Complete with fresh air ducts and billet aluminum hinges. Available with an optional third brake light. Simple bolt on installation. Remove the electric wing top section and bolt the GT2 insert base onto the decklid.

Porsche 997 rear diffuser spoiler Polyurethane 997.1 fits 2005-2008

Does not require resetting computer to recognize the fixed wing. Please specify model, coupe or convertible. Exciting new GT3 RS look. Bolt-on tailbase with adjustable RS style top wing and curved end plates. New for An elegant pedestal insert wing with a GT3 style top wing. This is a two piece design with a removable top wing and a twin ducted intake. Perfect for coupes or convertibles. Simple bolt-on installation with Getty Designs proprietary simplified installation.

Installation does not affect the wing function warning light. A classic version of the original RS Carrera Ducktail. Direct bolt-on. Introduced on the new European Sport.A properly integrated and quality solution for your Porsche, using:. It creates a front-end aerodynamic profile similar to newer models. It provides more usability than wrap-around spoilers due to increased ground clearance at the corners. The kit solves this problem with a unique set of adapters that:. A jack or ramps to raise the front of the car makes installation very simple.

Screws will easily pull out as you will eventually scrape the underside of any spoiler. More screws will then be required resulting in ugly and unusable holes. Screws are not strong enough to achieve proper shape conformity on most bumpers. After a lot of research and testing, in I was the first to successfully install the otherwise incompatible SPASM spoiler on a The process worked well, but was difficult to implement or reproduce. Due to the great aesthetics achieved, many owners naturally wanted to copy the look.

Several owners tried to simply screw the spoiler into the underside of the bumper. Many who tried this confirmed that it was not a secure solution, and that the spoiler would dislodge easily if scraped, resulting in more screws being needed and ugly unusable holes remaining. Several owners also punctured the washer hose lines with the screws.

997 Turbo Products

In I decided to develop an adapter based solution, that would allow owners with any level of DIY skills to securely and professionally install the spoiler on their This was the birth of the Emc2 Spoiler Adapter Kit. Thanks to the many owners around the world who've installed the kits and shared their photos and feedback. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Cart 0. Porsche front lip spoilers. The 1 OEM front lip spoiler solution for Porsche What is it? A properly integrated and quality solution for your Porsche, using: the newer generation OEM Porsche sports spoiler, and a purpose built adapter kit to achieve compatibility with Porsche models - What are the benefits of the OEM Spoiler? Why do I need the Emc2 adapter kit? How easy is it to install?

Almost zero DIY skills are needed Step by step instructions provided 30 - 60 minutes of quality time with your depending on the kit No need to remove the bumper A jack or ramps to raise the front of the car makes installation very simple. Why not to install using screws. Screws will easily pull out as you will eventually scrape the underside of any spoiler More screws will then be required resulting in ugly and unusable holes Screws are not strong enough to achieve proper shape conformity on most bumpers.PS: Might we offer you a free e-Book consisting of 75 customer service facts, quotes, and statistics.

Porsche 911 997.2 Targa 4S Spoiler Experiment

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